Hi ! My name is Augustin Godinot and I am currently a PhD student in the WIDE team in the IRISA/INRIA lab. I work on Auditing the mutations of online AI models, trying to understand the fundamental limits to back-box auditing and designing algorithms to achieve these limits.

Curriculum Vitae: short (updated 07-2022), long (updated 09-2022)


You can find a list of projects here.

Research interests


When I am not working, I like to travel France and Europe by bike (itโ€™s called biketouring !). I took the picture on the left in Grenoble during the 2020 winter.


[2023-01] Journal publication of the reworked CNA 2021 study

Our work on the effect of collaborative filtering on the diversity of users' exposure has been accepted for publication in Applied Network Science ! More info here.

[2022-11] Off to Rennes !

I am starting my PhD on "Auditing the mutations of online AI models" at WIDE !

[2022-04] NLE internship

Grenoble, here I come! Starting my masters final internship at NaverLabs Europe with Jean-Michel Renders on Diversity in Search and Recommendation systems.

[2021-11] CNA 2021

I will be presenting our work "Recommender systems increase exposure diversity. Or do they? A complex networks approach., Augustin Godinot, Fabien Tarissan" at the Complex Networks and their Applications conference ! Slides and info here.

[2021-05] Submitted our article to RecSys !

We submitted our Measuring the effect of collaborative filtering on the diversity of usersโ€™ attention article together with Fabien!

[2020-09] Created this website!