Hi ! My name is Augustin Godinot and I am currently a student at French university Ecole Normale Paris-Saclay in the Electrical Engineering department. This year, I am enrolled in the M2 Advanced Wireless Communications master degree.

E-mail: augustin.godinot@ens-paris-saclay.fr
Curriculum Vitae: short (updated 07-2022), long (updated 09-2022)


You can find a list of projects here.

Research interests


When I am not working, I like to travel France and Europe by bike (itโ€™s called biketouring !). I took the picture on the left in Grenoble during the 2020 winter.


[2021-11] CNA 2021

I will be presenting our work "Recommender systems increase exposure diversity. Or do they? A complex networks approach., Augustin Godinot, Fabien Tarissan" at the Complex Networks and their Applications conference ! Slides and info here

[2021-5] Submitted our article to RecSys !

We submitted our Measuring the effect of collaborative filtering on the diversity of usersโ€™ attention article together with Fabien!

[2020-9] Created this website!